How To Advertise

How To Advertise Your Business


We have noticed a lot of Perth business owners registering as users on our directory, but not creating a listing.

Simply registering as a user will not result in your business being promoted on the Directory. You have to create a listing for your business to be featured on the Perth Business Directory


Here are the simple steps to getting found on the Perth Business Directory.

  1. Register as a user/contributor on the directory
  2. Sign in and click on “create listing” at top of site
  3. Chose the listing plan you want to use (Free basic listing offered)
  4. Click “Next Step” (located at bottom of listing plans
  5. Fill in all the details of your business. Be sure to add a photo, logo etc in listing media, and some listing tags, to increase your chance of being found, by people looking for services or products you offer
  6. Click “Next Step”
  7. Review order (Even free listing) and click on “Continue To Listing”
  8. You’re now listed on Perth’s up and coming go to business directory. Congratulations